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Deep in the frigid mountains of Norway, brave rescue workers help stranded people stuck in the snow and clear the roads in some of the most dangerous areas.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.6

Season 1 - Ice Road Rescue
"In Odda, the biggest snowfall that local truck towers Thord Paulsen and Olav Eike have ever seen sets in, creating chaos on the roads."
"In Hardanger, two smugglers have driven into a snowbank, and towing veteran Bj\u00f8rn L\u00e6greid can hardly believe what's inside their vehicle."
"In Voss, a fish truck has gone off the road, and it's up to Ove and his crew to get it back up before the valuable fish goes bad."
"Thord Paulsen and Bj\u00f8rn L\u00e6greid rescue a sunken boat in the fjord, while Frank Sebulonsen assists a German truck driver transporting nine cars."
"In the south, Bj\u00f8rn L\u00e6greid fixes a snowplough and gives a ride to a minister, while in the north, Jo Roger Blengsli slips off the road."
"In the north a harvester has tipped over, and an excavator is about to sink into a mud hole."
"Bj\u00f8rn L\u00e6greid heads out into the storm to help a truck and clear the road for the ploughers, but ends up stuck himself and unable to help."
"Thord has to keep the road open during heavy snowfall. Bj\u00f8rn is on the mountain rescuing a truck, when a car tries to bypass him and gets stuck."
"Bj\u00f8rn helps a car whose fuel has frozen before the road is forced to close. Thord works tirelessly to keep the trucks moving and the road open."
"Thord, Bj\u00f8rn and the guys get together to take a look back on the season and ponder a video recording of a rescue mission going horribly wrong."