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Award winning journalist Paula Zahn unravels shocking crimes interviewing those closest to the case including lawyers, the victim's family, and detectives.

Genre: Crime , Documentary

Actor: Paula Zahn

Director: Scott Sternberg , Scott Weinberger

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 7.4

Season 17 - On the Case with Paula Zahn
"When a young girl disappears from a quiet suburban street, it marks the beginning of a terrifying game of cat and mouse between police and her abductor."
"It takes decades for investigators to follow the evidence to the long-sought-after truth behind the terrifying abduction and murder of 20-year-old Leslie Long, a young mother of three."
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"After a young mother goes missing during a Fourth of July weekend, it marks the beginning of a disturbing mystery, one that will devastate a loving family and tear a small community apart."
"A young girl is abducted while playing outside her grandmother\u2019s house."
"An 8-year-old girl disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night."
"Just hours after a popular teenager is reported missing, her lifeless body is discovered under a nearby bridge; police must sort through her puzzling last hours alive to bring a ruthless killer to justice."
"After a beautiful young woman vanishes, investigators must sort through a series of puzzling clues to solve a deadly mystery."
"A young woman's late-night call from a pay phone is transformed into the scene of a terrifying abduction."
"A woman relentlessly investigates her daughter's disappearance leading police to a terrifying string of murders."
"Police must retrace a teenager's last known movements if they hope to find out when and where she crossed paths with her killer."
"While a predator leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, it may fall to a teenage girl to bring an end to his reign of terror."
"While searching for a missing mother, police discover evidence that puts them on the trail of a deadly sexual predator."
"When a senior at Ohio State University goes missing, it marks the beginning of a terrifying murder mystery."
"A mother arrives home to have lunch with her teenage daughter and walks into a nightmare she will never forget."
"After a young mother vanishes, her trail goes cold, then a shocking discovery reveals that history repeats itself."
"When a young teacher is murdered in her home, police must rely on the eyewitness testimony of a young neighbor who saw her killer lurking outside her window."
"A young mother is strangled to death during her overnight shift at an office building."
"A beloved grandmother is savagely murdered during a life-and-death struggle; a family secret may be the key to bringing her heartless killer to justice."
Season 18 - On the Case with Paula Zahn
"When a hero firefighter is found savagely murdered in his own home, the trail of evidence police find takes them on a twisting and tension filled journey to justice."
"When a young girl kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night is found dead in a nearby canal, it marks the beginning of one of Salt Lake City's most notorious child murder investigations."
"After a four-year-old girl finds her mother's lifeless body, police must try to unravel a puzzling mystery. A murder investigation in which they must rule out multiple solid suspects before they arrive at the unlikely killer."
"After two sisters are found murdered, police find evidence painting a grim picture of the heartbreaking double homicide."
"When a 16-year-old girl disappears on her way to visit friends, the police retrace her last known movements and uncover a terrifying possibility that she may have been kidnapped by an international human trafficking ring."
"Police investigate a residential house fire and discover it was intentionally set to cover-up a savage murder. Had the killer managed to destroy all the evidence or was there a clue he overlooked?"
"When a loving mother is found gunned down just steps from her front door, police in her small town are baffled; as the investigation unfolds their initial confusion will quickly boil over into outrage."
"A teenage couple out on a date are ambushed by a gun-wielding madman; the lone survivor's heartbreaking account may hold the key to bringing a cold-blooded killer to justice."
"A woman and her teenage daughter are savagely murdered in their own home; police find clues at the crime scene, including a bloody bare footprint and an unharmed 3-year-old girl with a heartbreaking story."
"When a young woman is found shot to death in her home, police are baffled; then a cryptic letter from a mysterious source sends the investigation down a twisting road to the truth."
"A college student disappears in broad daylight after an afternoon of sunbathing at a busy lake; the mystery deepens when her wallet is found along with personal items belonging to another victim of a violent crime."
"When a young woman disappears on a cold night in Breckenridge Colo., one of the state's darkest mysteries begins."
"Two girls take a trip to the mall and never come home; less than 24 hours later they are found shot to death in a desolate field; investigators ask whether they were killed by someone they knew or a notorious serial killer."
"An elected community official is found stabbed to death in his Washington, D.C., home."
"After years of frustration and heartbreak, investigators from three states work together to find the deadly predator responsible for three murders that are connected by one common thread."
"When a young woman is savagely murdered in her own home, police must study the bloody crime scene to find the clue that will lead them to her killer."
Season 19 - On the Case with Paula Zahn
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