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Bob Peterson invites himself to his co-workers, Gene and Jaye-Jaye Thurnau's new home to give them a housewarming present. That evening, Jaye-Jaye leaves the guys to run an errand. When she returns, the guys have vanished.

Genre: Crime , Documentary

Actor: Martin Ballantyne , Will Arundell

Country: UK

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - The Killer Beside Me
"When grocery store worker Caroline Nosal befriends her introverted colleague Christopher O'Kroley, he is eager to make friends with her - possibly too eager. When she complains to store management about him, things don't turn out as planned."
"One morning a cleaning lady named Myra heads into the property office and is confronted by a nightmare scene. The office has been ransacked and there is blood everywhere - property manager Melinda Schaefer is dead. Police work hard to get justice."
"At work, Kerri Harris and her friend discover a camera secreted in the ladies' restroom. Police examine the evidence, but less than 24 hours into their investigation, Kerri is found stabbed to death in her office. Her co-workers are just feet away."
"When Alisha Bromfield's supervisor, Brian Cooper, promotes her to team leader she should be ecstatic. But Brian's motives are not entirely good. Alisha stands her ground with Brian, letting him know she doesn't want a relationship beyond co-workers."
"When Andrea Farrington meets fellow employee Alex Kozak, she thinks that romance could be on the horizon. She has no idea that feelings of romance will be replaced by suspicion and fear, leading to a final rejection that has fatal consequences."